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About Moet Fans - What Makes Them Special


  • Moet fans are produced in the city of Kyoto, which is the origin of the world’s first folding fan
  • Our folding fans are created at a long-established specialty store in Kyoto with more than 270 years history
  • All of the fans are handmade by excellent artisans; the mass production of this work of Japanese craftsmanship is impossible
  • It takes longer than one month to create and produce one folding fan
  • The average folding fan is composed mostly of paper; however, Moet fans are made of high quality satin and luxurious lace
  • The handle and stems of each Moet fan is made of high-quality bamboo


  • Moet folding fans are the world’s first fans with a perfume bottle attached to the handle, which is removable
  • Special manufacturing techniques are used to ensure that the cap of the perfume bottle does not detach too easily
  • Unlike the design of the common folding fan which is simple and made of paper, Moet fans are made by overlapping satin and lace, which creates brilliant tones of colour and a gorgeous, sleek look
  • Moet fans come in a variety of deigns and colors, appropriate for every country and season
  • The Moet folding fan is designed to be compact and light, making it easy to transport and handle