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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where on the folding fan should I apply the fragrance?

A: Apply the fragrance on the bamboo handle of the fan, holding the fan at a distance when spraying the perfume.

Q: Can I get the fan repaired if it breaks?

A: Yes, we can repair the fan for you. However, because the fan is handmade and will be repaired by a specialized craftsman, the repair may take some time to complete.

Q: Are returns or exchanges of the fans permitted?

A: Unfortunately, we will not accept returns and exchanges.

Q: Is it possible for a Moet purchase to be gift-wrapped?

A: It would be our pleasure to prepare any purchase as a gift.

Q: Can I customize and personalize my Moet fan?

A: Moet also sells fragrance bottles, therefore you can easily customize and personally style your fan by attaching multiple bottles to the fan handle.

Q: Is it possible to order a custom-made fan?

A: This request will depend on the preferred design of the fan. Please contact us for more information.

Cautionary Notes:

  • Moet fans are all handmade; therefore, fans of the same design may still have slight differences.
  • Moet fans are produced through special processing and are not mass produced. Therefore, it is possible that a fan design may be out of stock once they are completely sold.
  • In order to keep a Moet fan purchase in pristine condition, please place the fan in the satin bag it comes with when carrying the fan with you.
  • Ensure that, when applying the fragrance, it is sprayed onto the bamboo portion of the fan. Because of the delicate material the fans are made with, applying the fragrance to the fan apart from the bamboo may result in colour change.

Further Questions:

Please contact us – our dedicated staff will be delighted to answer any of your questions.