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Traditional Japanese craftsmanship is amongst the best in the world. In today’s modern world, the main purpose of using a folding fan is to keep cool in times of high temperatures and warm weather, however, the folding fan was originally a tool used to stylishly express oneself. The fan was used in various ways such as writing one’s emotions on the fan itself as “Tanka poetry” or spraying one’s favorite fragrance onto the fan. The Moet brand merges this symbol of traditional Japanese craftmanship with modern style, bringing beautiful elements of historic Japanese culture into the fashion world of today.

The key feature of Moet’s Folding Fan is the bottle of perfume attached to the fan through manufacturing methods specific to the brand’s designs. Fragrance has the ability to impact people with the aroma it emanates, to arouse memories, to trigger one’s imagination, and most importantly, to enable one’s self expression of emotions and feelings.

The concept behind the Moet Folding Fan is for women to maximize their charm and allure through the use of this unique accessory. The designs of the Moet brand are also made for personalization through its interchangeable fragrance bottle, where one can choose any fragrance depending on their changing moods and emotions. The folding fan is an object that can be easily embodied and integrated into any lifestyle.

Fusing design, fragrance, and culture, an image of a strong, graceful, and modern woman is the inspiration behind the creation of the Moet Fragrance Folding Fan.